Windows 10X on hold, features coming to Windows 10 instead

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it has paused the development of Windows 10X, its Chrome OS competitor for single-screen and dual-screen devices.

Earlier this week, Microsoft indirectly confirmed that it had canceled its new operating system, "Windows 10X", which was scheduled to launch later this year on a new range of 2-in-1s/notebooks from Microsoft partners.

Windows 10X was announced in 2019 for dual-screen PCs, and Microsoft had promised that this new lightweight operating system would be simple, sleek, and faster than the current generation of Windows.

After the pandemic, Microsoft's new priority was to get Windows 10X work on the single-screen devices.

Earlier this year, a report revealed that Windows 10X was on track to launch on single-screen devices in the Spring of 2021. However, it appears that the plans have now changed, and Windows 10X development has been paused.

Windows 10X features coming to Windows 10

Microsoft has now shifted its focus to the Windows 10 Sun Valley Update that will ditch sharp corners for rounded corners, Windows 95 icons for Fluent icons, and enable a new Start menu experience.

The company also confirmed that Windows 10X features would be coming to Windows 10 with the Sun Valley and other upcoming features updates.

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